August 2014

Messages from the WBCP Officers 2014-2015

News from the Field – October 2013 to April 2014

Photo of the Month – White-bellied Woodpecker by Tina S. Mallari

WBCP 11th Anniversary

July 2014 Roundup


2 thoughts on “August 2014

  1. I will be visiting Philippines from 14 January to 2 February, staying mostly in Manila (with my partner), although we have a trip planned to Palawan early in that stay. I would very much like to know if there is any bird club trips or meetings that I can attend during that time. Or people just going out for a day (or maybe 2), that I can join with. If you would like to have an experienced bird observer from Australia to go with. Though I have only been out of Australia for 6 weeks (3 weeks in China & 3 weeks in Philippines) up till now.

    Philip Veerman Kambah ACT 2902

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