Photo of the Month: Canvasback Duck*

by Richard Ruiz

The Rarities Master of the North has struck again! This time with a likely country record upon confirmation of the ID by the WBCP Rarities Committee! Canvasback Ducks are usually found in the United States and Canada. These two females flew a long, long way over!

Canvasback Ducks. Photo by Richard Ruiz.

Canvasback Ducks*. Photo by Richard Ruiz.

Aythya valisineria
two females
Paoay Lake, Ilocos Norte
12 November 2015

*This is a provisional ID. The WBCP Rarities Committee still has to confirm the ID of this duck.






2 thoughts on “Photo of the Month: Canvasback Duck*

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  2. There have been instances in the past where ducks have interbred resulting in a new species to watch. The way the drakes mate with the females on water is astonishing and sometimes the female drowns. I have rescued a few lady Mallards in my UK garden from amorous drakes who become very aggressive !!!!

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