Bird Photos of the Month: Mindanao Brown Dove and Lina’s Sunbird

by Pete Simpson Mindanao-based WBCP member Pete Simpson shares his amazing experience at a new birding site that he and fellow birder Brendan Sloan found that yielded two difficult birds: Lina’s Sunbird and Mindanao Brown Dove! I’ve done a fair bit of birding around the Philippines and like many WBCP members I keep a Philippines list.…

Bird Endemism in Mindanao

WBCP member Willem van de Ven discusses the concept of endemism, the levels of endemism, and the endemic birds of Greater Mindanao in this mini-talk delivered during the 9th Philippine Bird Festival in Zamboanga City on 01 March 2014. Click to download the presentation file: Bird Endemism in Mindanao