December 2015

My Amazing Thailand Raptor Adventure by Jelaine Gan Photo of the Month: Canvasback Duck by Richard Ruiz 9th ARRCN Symposium 2015, Chumphon, Thailand by Alex Tiongco and Teresa Cervero Learnings from the Manila Bay Seminar by Gina Mapua November 2015 Roundup by Mike Lu and James Biron

November 2015

1.  Project Northern Light Lecture series on Migratory Raptors 2015 by Marts Cervero and Melanie Tan 2. The Beach Thick-knee Twitch by Kitty Arce 3. Photo of the Month: Siberian Blue Robin by Ivan Sarenas 4. Raptor Watching by One’s Self in Tanay, Rizal by Linda Gocon 5. October Roundup by Mike Lu and James…

July 2015

All-night Owling at Angono by Christian Artuso Photo of the Month Philippine Cockatoo by Willem Van de Ven Three Day Hike Through the Mt. Iglit – Baco National Park by Alexander Elias Island Paradise Birding on Siargao by Trinket Canlas Constantino June Roundup by Mike Lu and James Biron

June 2015

News from the Field – April 2014 to March 2015 by Robert Hutchinson and Maia Tañedo Nature Thrills in Tacurong by Tin Telesforo Photo of the Month: Sunrise on Bird Islet by Christian Perez Gino and the Cuckoo by Juan Mesquida May 2015 Roundup by Mike Lu and James Biron

May 2015

Rare Endemics of Mount Halcon by Robert Hutchinson Plight of Candaba by Irene Dy Photo of the Month by Robert Hutchinson The Annual Mystery of Ilocos Norte’s Spotted Imperial Pigeons by Mads Bajarias April 2015 Roundup by James Biron and Mike Lu  

April 2015

A Short History of Philippine Bird Books – Part 7 1946 to 2000 by Christian Perez Bird Photos of the Month: Mindanao Brown Dove and Lina’s Sunbird by Pete Simpson Anvaya’s Field Guide to Birds: A First for WBCP and Anvaya by Trinket Constantino We finally found the White-bellied Sea Eagle by Randy Weisser March…

March 2015

  – A Short History of Philippine Bird Books – Part 6 American Period – by Christian Perez – Green-faced Parrotfinch Explosion in Letran Bataan by Fr. Auckhs Enjaynes, OP – Photo of the Month – a Tie! Mindanao Bleeding-heart and Mindanao Wattled Broadbill by Robert Hutchinson – Paoay Kumakaway! by Tin Telesforo – February 2015…

February 2015

– Baer’s Pochard in the Last Pond in Candaba by Tonji Ramos – – A Short History of Philippine Bird Books – Part 5 1881 to 1899 by Christian Perez – – Photo of the Month – Saunders’s Gull by Romy Ocon – – Birding Destination: Camp John Hay by Maia Tañedo and Jops Josef…