Bird Photo of the Month: Pied Avocet

Photo by Joed Perez

PIED AVOCET Recurvirostra avosetta
April 2017


Pied Avocet, lower left in photo

“The pied avocets were found on a windy afternoon with a light drizzle. They were among Black-winged Stilts in a nearly dried-up pond where both species were feeding along with other waders.

Frequent visits to the site were done since a few years ago with the intent of finding the Pied Avocets as they were expected to be found in the area. There were sightings a few years back in the nearby barangay of San Nicolas, Bulacan, Bulacan where conditions are very similar.

The photo shown above was taken a week after the first sighting at the pond. Initially, three individuals were found and five individuals were counted before they left the vicinity of the site.” – Joed


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