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This is the site of eBON,  the online newsletter of the Wild Bird Club of the Philippines.

The current issue is the JULY 2014 issue.
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Birder Profile: Arne Jensen
by Kitty Arce

Arne Jensen is renowned and respected in the Philippine birding community. He is a founding member of the Wild Bird Club of the Philippines, the head of WBCP’s Records Committee, a waterbird expert, and the steady hand that guides the Philippine bird list through all the lumps and splits. Read about Arne’s exciting journey from Denmark to the Philippines via Arctic Greenland, North Korea, and other places in this profile of Arne Jensen by WBCP Founding Member Kitty Arce.

 raptorwatch 2

The Great Raptorwatch Adventure
by Jelaine Gan

Raptorwatching in the Philippines is like going on a mystery hunt. The Philippines has even been called “The Black Hole of Asian Raptor Migration Route” because the thousands of raptors that are duly recorded flying out of Taiwan seem to disappear once they reach the Philippines. Where do they make landfall? Jelaine Gan writes about their efforts to unravel the mysteries of raptor migration in the Philippines while having a great adventure at the same time!


2014 AWC

2014 AWC

Placing Bani on the Map of Waterbird Sites
by Juan Mesquida

The Wild Bird Club of the Philippines has conducted bird counts as part of Asian Waterbird Census in Bani, Pangasinan since January 2012. Juan Mesquida encourages more birders to visit. Read his article to learn more about the waterbirds, raptors, beaches, the best watermelon in the Philippines, and more!


June 2014 Roundup
compiled by Mike Lu and James Biron

A roundup of the trips, celebrations, surveys, and seminars of the Wild Bird Club of the Philippines in June 2014.



Enjoy this issue of eBON, the monthly newsletter of the Wild Bird Club of the Philippines.Happy Reading and Keep on Birding!